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Town Cleaners in Kendall Park Your Organic Dry Cleaners

Town Cleaners are organic dry cleaners. Our organic cleaning process provides odorless cleaning from non-toxic cleaning agents and eliminates yellowing of garments which may occur in the traditional dry cleaning process. The organic cleaning process utilizes various types of hand and automatic pressing equipment that are specialized for different fabric and fiber types.

Organic Cleaning (Non-Perc) is a non-toxic environmentally safe alternative to old fashion traditional dry cleaning (Perc) methods. The Organic cleaning process uses biodegradable cleaning products (detergents, conditioners and softeners created in the form of foam), high pressure dry steam as well as precisely measured amount of water, air, precise agitation cycles for various fabrics and computer controlled multi-step cleaning, using state of the art equipment to make clothes cleaner, fresher, and softer than traditional dry cleaning.

Organic Cleaning is good for people and the environment!

Tel: 732-297-7030
Address: 3562 Route 27, Kendall Park, NJ 08824